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Iris relatives from South Africa growing from corms. They have showy flowers carried in tall branched spikes. As house plants, grow the same as 1xia. There are 2 species obtainable, both growing to nearly 4 feet in height, with narrow leaves from I to 2 feet in length.

Dierama pendula {short description of image} white to lavender flowers.
Dierama pulchenima flowers larger than above species and reddish-purple.

There are other bulbous and tuberous-rooted plants which might well be included in a descriptive chapter of this nature, yet the line must be drawn somewhere, or the chapter will grow out of all proportion to its place in the book.

The term "lily" has been repeatedly used in conjunction with common names for many tender bulbous plants. The term is entirely descriptive, usually referring to the shape of the flower; in no instance, under "Tender Bulbs for House Culture," have any of the true lilies been discussed.