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Also a genus in the iris family, mostly from South Africa. This group, whose members grow from rhizomes in some species, corms in others, takes the place of the irises below the equator. Moraea flowers superficially resemble those of certain irises, but they do not last as long, and are found in colors and color ' combinations totally foreign to irises. Sizes vary widely. The little peacock iris or pavonia (Moraea glaucopis) is only a few inches in height, while the fringed-leaved moraea (M. ciliata) grows to over 6 feet. A few of the species make interesting house plants. Corms and rhizomes should be Planted in sandy soil free from manure or decayed vegetable matter. Use only bone meal for fertilizer. Re-pot every February.

Moraea bicolor {short description of image} yellow, with brown petal-blotches.
Moraea indioides catenulata white, with lilac and yellow markings.
Iris sisyrinchium an Eurasian iris listed in cata logues as Moraea sisyrinchium.

It is the only known iris which grows from a corm. Flowers, light blue and lasting for but half a day, yet there are many of them in succession.