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JACOBFAN LILY (Sprekelia formosissima)

This amaryllid is a native of Mexico. The bright red flowers appear before the thick narrow leaves, and are about 4 inches long. Cultivation is that of .4. belladonna, or the bulbs may be flowered in pebbles and water like paper-white narcissi. If the latter method is used, however, the bulbs are of no further use as ripening is incomplete. Sprekelia formosissima is the only species in the genus, and I know of no obtainable horticultural varieties.

KAFIR LILY (Schizostylis coccinea)

The kafir lily, or crimson flag, belongs to the iris family. Swordlike leaves spread below the crimson, tubular flowers which appear in late fall or early winter. Plant the fleshy rootstocks in March (Potting Mixture 3) and water sparingly until in active growth; then water abundantly. After flowering, dry off slowly and store the rootstocks until the following March.