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Sometimes called the African corn lily. A South African genus related to the iris with grass-like leaves and spikes of colorful, bellshaped flowers which hang their heads. Brilliant colors are one of this genus' most valuable characteristics. There are blues, yellows, purples, scarlets, and carmines, and the two-ranked pointed foliage is also decorative. Plant 8 corms to a 6-inch pot in the fall (Potting Mixture 3). They should be planted 2 inches deep. Ixia is half-hardy and is given a rooting period as described under hardy bulbs; treat like crocus. In addition to a few species like I. speciosa, crimson, and I. maculata, yellow with a black throat, there are numerous named hybrids of great beauty. A few of them are here listed.

Ambassador {short description of image} carmine-violet.
Azurea azure-blue.
Dutchess of York white and lilac.
Hogarth cream and carmine.
 Vulcan     red and orange.