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GUERNSEY LILy (Nerine sarniensis)

A South African amaryllid with sparkling red, funnel-shaped flowers clustered at the top of tall stalks. The strap-like leaves follow after the flowers have appeared during the winter. Plant in early fall in Potting Mixture 3 with the crown of the bulb extending above the soil. Then treat like A. belladonna. When resting the bulb, leave it in the pot and turn the pot on its side in the sun for several months. Nerine does better if its roots are closely confined, so use a small pot. HIPPEASTRUM

A tropical American amaryllid which, as described under Amaryllis belladonna, is usually sold as amaryllis. Hybrid varieties are widely used for house plants and also provide some of the most beautiful blooms to be found in sub-tropical gardens. Culture is identical with that of A. belladonna. Large flowers in colors from white through shades of orange and red-slashed and striped in contrasting colorsappear before the leaves. Each tall, hollow stalk is surmounted with from two to five of these compelling flowers.