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Large, bell-shaped flowers duster above the velvety leaves of this tuberous Brazilian plant. Gloxinia speciosa, and the horticultural varieties, are splendid house plants. Through lack of attention or proper care many handsome specimens, which might be enjoyed for several years, last for but a few weeks. Too much sun and water on the leaves causes much of the trouble. The plant needs ample water yet it will not tolerate a wet crown or leaves. Supply the moisture by placing water in the saucer under the pot.

Proper culture of these exotics is relatively easy. Pot the tubers in February (Potting Mixture 3) and keep them in a warm shady spot. Supply abundant moisture and, as the buds appear, manure water. After flowering, dry off slowly and store tubers in the dark, preferably at a temperature not exceeding 5o degrees. Gloxinias lend themselves readily to increase by leaf cuttings.