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FAIRY LILY (Zephyranthes)

. This group of charming bulbous plants is native to tropical sections of North and South America. They are grown in the garden in regions south of Washington, D. C., but in the northeastern part of the country they are best enjoyed as house plants. Two types of flowers are to be found peering above the grassy foliage. Certain fairy lilies have blossoms reminiscent of the crocus and others have tubular, lily-like flowers; either or both are most welcome in the garden or house. The small bulbs should be potted in the fall--6 to a 6-inch pot in Mixture 4- Cover the bulbs with an inch of soil and start them growing in a medium temperature. Rest after flowering, which is during the summer. The two fairy lilies most widely grown are the atamasco lily (Z. atamasco) and the autumn zephyr lily (Z. candida). Both are white in color. Other species are:

Zephyranthes carinata {short description of image} pink; lily-like.
Zephyranthes citrina pale yellow.
Zephyranthes longifolia bronze.
Zephyranthes rosea rose-pink; crocus-like.
 Zephyranthes texana    yellow and bronze; crocus-like.