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GLORY-OF-THE-SNOW (Chionodoxa)

The small, lily-like flowers of this Asiatic genus are to be found in many gardens, and sheets of them are used effectively for naturalizing in suitable places. They grow from 3 to 6 inches in height and blossom very early in the spring. Plant the bulbs in the manner prescribed for crocus. The rooting period varies from six to eight weeks. Chionodoxa laciliae and sardensis are the two species most generally grown. These are recommended, together with another species of which I have no personal knowledge, yet it sounds extremely interesting.

Chionodoxa luciliae {short description of image} brilliant blue flowers with a distinct white eye.
Chionodoxa sardensis similar to the above but without the white eye.
C. amabilis kichtlini large creamy-white flowers, spotted rose-purple.