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Another genus of the amaryllis family enjoying a wide distribution and a diversity of flower shapes. Many varieties are in cultivation, some in greenhouses and others in sub-tropical gardens. A few of the species are semi-hardy. Flowers are lily-shaped, bell-shaped, and others have odd narrow segments. Both striped and sclf-colored varieties are found; the flowers are carried in umbels on tall stalks above the leaves. Most of the species are potted in March (Potting Mixture 4) and handled similar to Anwryllis, except they prefer more warmth and humidity. Bulbs are stored over winter in the cellar where it must be cool. Several species have evergreen foliage. These, of course, are retained in the pot and rested, instead of being depotted and stored after flowering.

Crinum americanum {short description of image} an American species foun d from Florida to Texas. Long, narrow leaves and white flowers.
Crinum asiaticum the poison bulb. A very large Asiatic species with 000t leaves and many fragrant white flowers.
Crinum fimbriatulum the milk-and-wine lily. This Af rican species has large, pink-strip cd, white flowers.
crinum longifolium the hardy crinum. A common ly-grown species from South Af rica with clusters of pink flowers. There is a white form also.
 Crinum moorei   the longneck crinum. Another South African crinum with pink or red flowers about 4 inches wide.

Other available crinums include amabile, pink; campanulatum, rose-red; crubescens, red and white; giganteum, white; kirki, white with a reddish-purplc stripe; kunthianum, white, tinged red; pedunculatum, white, tinged green; scabrum, white and rose. An interesting and seldom-grown bi-generic hybrid is found in Amarcrinum, a cross of Crinum moorei and Amaryllis bc1ladonna. It is graced with beautiful pink flowers.