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CAPE COWSLIP (Lachendia)

South African bulbous plants with spikes of tubular flowers. While they are not extensively grown by indoor gardeners, they make excellent house specimens. The culture is similar to Ficesia. 6 bulbs may be planted to a 6-inch pot, and a good potting mixture consists of: 2 parts sandy loam, 1 part leaf mold; and surround the bulbs with a layer of sand.

Lachenalias most often seen are L. pendula, with flowers about 1 1/2 inches long in yellow and red, and L. tricolor whose somewhat smaller flowers are marked in yellow, red, and green. Additional species are:

Lachenalia aurea {short description of image} orange.
Lachenalia liliflora pink, tinged blue.
Lachenalia nelsoni   yellow, tinged green.
Lachenalia orchioides   greenish.
Lachenalia pustulata   yellow.
Lachenalia,   Rector of Cawston scarlet, yellow, and green.
Lachenalia rubida   bright pink.
Lachenalia unifolia   blue, shading to pink.