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AMAZON OR BETHLEHEM LILY (Euchatis grandiflora)

A fragrant, South American amaryllid with dusters of lovely, narcissus-like white flowers appearing on stalks fromI to 2 feet in height. The bulbs may be started any time during the year in Potting Mixture 4- Plant 3 bulbs in a 6-inch pot and leave the necks extending above the soil. Keep medium dry until active growth begins; then use plenty of water until the flowering period is over. Grow in a temperature of 70 to 75 degrees, or even warmer. Eucharis grandiflora is evergreen, so don't stop watering entirely after Howering; just reduce it. Do not re-pot until the roots threaten to break the container-all members of the amaryllis family resent any disturbance of their root structure.