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These colorful bulbous plants are excellent for house culture at least some of them are. The single early tulips respond best to forcing. It is true they do not look as imposing as Darwins or Cottage tulips, yet their smaller stature is better suited to pot culture what they lack in size is more than compensated for in beauty and brilliance of bloom. An 8-inch pot or paa will accommodate 8 or 10 bulbs. Allow 1/2 inch of soil above the bulbs when planting. Rooting period, about twelve weeks.

Certain early single tulips exhibit a marked and individual fragrance. Since fragrance is a very desirable feature in house plants, it is wise to choose varieties for odor as well as beauty. Those listed below are all pleasantly scented.

De Wet {short description of image} orange-scarlet, striped and flushed with gold.
Fred Moore dark orange.
Prince of Austria brilliant orange-red.
Proserpine salmon-pink.

Early double tulips also may be forced. They should be allowed a longer rooting period than early singles-wait until the first of March before bringing them into the light. One variety, Tea Rose, is delightfully fragrant and soft yellow in color.