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C. vernus, the hybrid Dutch crocus-not the autumn or early spring-blooming species crocus-is the type to force in the house. The familiar flowers, in diverse brilliant colors, are too well, known to need description. Plant the small corms 1 inch apart and 1 inch deep. The rooting period will occupy about eight weeks, and three or four weeks will be necessary after the pots are brought inside before any flowers appear. Do not allow the soil containing the corms to dry out after top-growth commences, and use a cup of manure water when the buds first show. Plant all of one kind in each container to assure even growth; this applies to all other hardy bulbs as well as croci. Some large and colorful varieties may be chosen from the following abbreviated list.

Agnes {short description of image} deep lavender.
Charlotte Patti   lilac-striped.
Kathleen Parlow   pure white.
Masterpiece   dark purple.
Remembrance   bright blue.
Yellow Giant   rich yellow.