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Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

Tropic to Tropic Plants

The Potting Shed

Tendercare Nurseries Ltd

Terrace Gardener

Test Valley Nursery

The Barn Plant Centre & Gift Shop

The Beth Chatto Gardens Ltd

The Botanic Nursery

The Connoisseur's Plant Corner

The Crocosmia Gardens

The Fern Nursery

The Gobbett Nursery

The Great Western Gladiolus Nursery

The Hawthornes Nursery

The Heather Society (Plant Ordering Service)

The Herb Garden & Historical Plant Nursery

The Herb Nursery

The Herbary

The Iris Garden

The Laurels Nursery

The Lavender Garden

The Mead Nursery

The National Herb Centre

The Nursery Further Afield

The Old Mill Herbary - Nursery now closed. Garden remains open to the public.

The Old Walled Garden

The Old Withy Garden Nursery

The Palm Centre

The Palm Farm

The Palm House

The Perennial Nursery

The Place for Plants

The Plant Directory (formerly Scawsby Hall Nurseries)

The Plant Specialist

The Plantsman's Preference

The Potted Garden Nursery

The Really Wild Nursery

The Romantic Garden

The Vicarage Garden

The Village Nurseries

The Walled Garden

The Water Garden

The Wonder Tree

Thorncroft Clematis Nursery

Thornhayes Nursery

Tile Barn Nursery

Timpany Nurseries & Gardens

Tinpenny Plants

Tissington Nursery

Todd's Botanics

Toobees Exotics

Touchwood Plants

Trecanna Nursery

Trehane Camellia Nursery


Trevena Cross Nurseries

Triscombe Nurseries

The Tasteful Garden


T.C's Lawns and Landscaping Inc

Tadala's Nursery, Inc.

Tampa Wholesale Nursery, Inc

Tarheel Native Trees

Tate Rose Nursery

Teas Nursery Company, Inc.

Telos Rare Bulbs

Tennessee Tuberoses

Terra Ceia Farms

Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.

Terra Time & Tide

Territorial Seed Company

Tesch Specialties

The Garden Shop, Inc.

The Holly Factory

The Jungle Nursery, Inc

The New Nursery- Central

The OrchidWorks

The Tropic Shop, Inc.

Thompson & Morgan

Thompson's Bamboo Farm

Thoroughbred Daylilies

Three Star Nursery Corp.

Thyme Garden

Tidwell Nurseries, Inc.

Timpanogos Nursery

Tindall Growers

Toadshade Wildflower Farm

Tomato Bob

Tomato Growers Supply Company

Total Landscape Supply, Inc

Totally Tomatoes

Touch of Nature, Inc. Spring

Tough Love Chile Company

Tradewinds Bamboo Nursery

Trail Ridge Nursery

Tranquil Lake Nursery, Inc.

Trans-Pacific Nursery

Travis' Violets

Tree Peony Garden

Treehaven Evergreen Nursery



Trees of Antiquity LLC

Triangle Nursery Inc.

Tricker, William, Inc.

Triple O Nursery Farms, Inc

Tripple Brook Farm

Tropic Traditions, Inc.

Tropical Bamboo Nursery

Tropical Landscapers

Tropicsource, Inc.

Tropiflora Roozengarde

Turner Tree Farm

Twilley, Otis S., Seed Co., Inc.

Twixwood Nursery LLC

Two Sisters Roses

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