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Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

Fairfield Tree Nurseries Inc.

Ferncliff Gardens Ltd.

Fraser's Thimble Farms

Frosch Exclusive Perennials

Field of Blooms

Frogswell Nursery

Future Forests

Family Trees

Farmyard Nurseries

Farnham Common Nurseries Ltd


Fernwood Nursery

Fibrex Nurseries Ltd

Fir Tree Farm Nursery

Fir Trees Pelargonium Nursery

Firecrest (Trees & Shrubs Nursery)

Firgrove Plants

Floral Fireworks

Flowers of the Field

Fordmouth Croft Ornamental Grass Nursery

Foxley Road Nurseries

Fromefield Nurseries T/A Plantstoplant

Fuchsiavale Nurseries

Futureprimitive Plants

Fast Growing Trees Nursery

Fagundo Farms

Fairview Evergreen Nurseries, Inc.

Fairweather Gardens Fall

Falconer Vineyards

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc.

Fancy Fronds

Fancy Plants Farms

Far North Trees & Seed Co

Faribault Growers Inc

Farmer Seed & Nursery


Feder's Prairie Seed Co.

Femrite Nursery Company

Fern Factory

Fern Ridge Nursery (Tree Farm)

Fields on Caton Farm, Inc.

Fieldstone Gardens, Inc.

Fina Gardens Peonies

Finch Blueberry Nursery

Fiore, Charles J., Company, Inc.

Fish Branch Tree Farm, Inc.

Fisher Farms

Flagler Wholesale Nursery

Flickingers' Nursery

Floribunda Palms & Exotics

Florida Colors Nursery

Florida Foliage Growers

Florida Indoor Gardens

Florida Tree Farms, Inc.

Flowing Well Tree Farm, LLC

Floyd Cove Nursery

Flying Frog Farm

Foliage F/X, Inc.

Foliage Gardens


Foret, Gerald Wholesale Nursery, Inc

Four B's Nursery

Four Star Greenhouse, Inc.

Four Winds Growers

Fourth Corner Nurseries

Fowler Nurseries, Inc.

Fox Hill Lilac Nursery

Fragrant Garden Nursery

Freedom Tree Farms


Freshwater Farms, Inc.

Frey's Dahlias

Frida's USA

Fritz Creek Gardens

Fruitland Farms

Frye Farms, Inc

Full Bloom Farm

Future Forests Nursery

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