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Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

Chapman, Chuck, Iris

Clearview Horticultural Products Inc.

C & K Jones

C S Lockyer (Fuchsias)

C W Groves & Son Ltd

Cairnsmore Nursery

Cally Gardens

Camellia Grove Nursery

Cants of Colchester

Caradoc Doy

Caths Garden Plants

Charles F Ellis

Charleshurst Farm Nursery

Chew Valley Trees

Chipchase Castle Nursery

Choice Landscapes

Chris Pattison

Christie's Nursery

Chrysanthemums Direct

Churchtown Carnivores

Cider Apple Trees

Claire Austin Hardy Plants

Classic Gardener (formerly Pound Hill Plants)

Clay Lane Nursery

Cobble Hey Gardens

Cool Temperate

Cooling's Nurseries Ltd

Coton Manor Garden

Cotswold Garden Flowers

Cottage Garden Plants

Cottage Nurseries

County Park Nursery

Craigieburn Garden

Cranesbill Nursery

Crescent Plants

Crin Gardens

Cross Common Nursery

Crown Nursery

Crug Farm Plants

Culm View Nursery

Cabin Creek Nursery


Cascade Carnivores

Classy Groundcovers

C.O.D. Trees Inc

C & O Nursery


Cal Seedling Co.

Caladium Bulb Company

Caladium World

California Carnivores

Calusa Creek Tree Farm and Ranch

Cam Too Camellia Nursery, Inc.

Camellia Forest Nursery

Camilla the Little Flower Nursery

Caribbean Tree Farms

Carino Nurseries

Carlson's Gardens

Carlton Plants LLC

Carolina Gourds and Seeds

Carolina Nurseries

Carter Road Tropical Nurseries

Carter and Holmes Orchids

Casa Flora Inc.

Cassidy Farms

Castleton Gardens, Inc.

Cates Family Glads

Cedar Creek Violets

Cedar Valley Nurseries

Cedera Seed

Certified Roses, Inc.

Chamblee's Rose Nursery

Cherry Lake Tree Farm

Chesapeake Nurseries, Inc.

Chief River Nursery Co.

Chile Woman

Chumley Cycads

Church's Beachgrass & Nursery

Circle D Farm Sales, Inc

Classic Groundcovers, Inc.

Clavey's Nursery, Inc.

Clay City USA, Inc.

Clayton Tree Farm

Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc.

Cleary's Garden Creations

Clifty View Nursery, Inc.

Cloud Mountain Farm & Nursery

Coffey, Boyd & Sons, Nurseries, Inc.

Cold Stream Farm

Cole, D.S., Growers

Color Farm

Color Garden Farms


Colson's Nursery, Inc.

Columbia Basin Nursery L.L.C.

Comanche Acres Iris Gardens

Commercial Nursery Co., Inc.

Community Haven

Companion Plants

Completely Clematis Specialty Nursery

Comstock Seed

Conard-Pyle Company

Concord Nurseries, Inc.

Connell's Dahlias

Container Dahlias

Cook Water Farms

Cook's Garden

Cool Roses for Southern Gardens

Cooley's Iris Gardens

Cornflower Farms, Inc.

Cottage Gardens, Inc.

Country Garden Bromeliads

Country Gardens Nursery

Country Road Greenhouses, Inc.

Countryside Roses

County Line Ornamental & Tree, Inc.

Cricket Hill Garden

Crimson Dale Nursery, Inc.

Crimson Sage Nursery

Crochet Daylily Garden

Croshaw Nursery

Cross Country Nurseries

Cross Nurseries, Inc.

Crownsville Nursery

Cummins Nursery

Cycad Center

Cyp. Haven

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